Our Beginnings

Entwistle Community Church had its beginnings in 1931 when a community Sunday school was started in St. Peters Anglican church in Entwistle. It was the only Sunday school in the area and it continued to grow to an average attendance of 60 people each week. Because of various circumstances it met in several different locations, one of which was the Garnet Welwood home east of Entwistle. When Cecil Welwood moved to B.C., they donated their little 12’ x 20’ house to be used as a church. It was then moved into town, where ten feet were added on to it. It was called the Entwistle Community Sunday School. It is still standing today, first being used as a church, then a manse, an annex, and now a private residence. A new church building was built in November 1954, and both buildings were moved to their current location in central Entwistle.

Earl and Helen Johnson

Pastors from various denominations had been serving this congregation. For some time the church operated as a non-denominational church. Seeing a need to network they became acquainted with the Canadian Sunday School Mission in 1956 and asked if they would supply them with a pastor. Earl and Helen Johnson came to pastor and were here until 1961.

Robert and Loretta Koehn

In 1961, Robert and Loretta Koehn came to pastor, also with the Canadian Sunday School Mission. During this time, several improvements came to the church building and congregation. A youth group was started weekly for young adults to study the Bible and get some physical activity as well.

Cecil and Ruby Cowie

The Koehn’s left in 1970, succeeded by Cecil and Ruby Cowie. Under their pastoral leadership, there was further growth in the church. The congregation grew with an active youth group and the beginning of AWANA clubs, which created a need for a larger building. In 1984, the Cowies’ leadership was followed by Art and Rhoda Rhoads who led the congregation until 1988. During this time, the church became affiliated with the Baptist General Conference.

Roy and May Harbinson

The Church was without a pastor until 1990, when Roy and May Harbinson arrived to serve until 2000. It was during these years that the new church building project began, and in 1994 we moved into our new facilities. During a time of transition from 2000-2001, Ken and Ellie Bender graciously agreed to be interim pastor at Entwistle Community Church.

Larry and Heather Nutbrown

The congregation had prayers answered in 2001 when Larry and Heather Nutbrown and their family moved from Simcoe, Ontario to lead ECC. The congregation grew both in physical numbers and in spiritual maturity under their leadership. The Nutbrown’s would serve ECC until June 2014.

Micah and Rebecca Brookhart

In August 2014, the church called Micah and Rebecca Brookhart from Langley, BC to pastor the church. Micah had recently graduated from the Graduate School of Theological Studies of Trinity Western University earning a Master of Divinity. Although he was young and this would be his first lead pastorate the church trusted in God’s guidance in bringing the Brookharts. The Brookharts served ECC until May 2023.

Erich and Laurie Reule

In October 2023, the church called Erich and Laurie Reule and family from Parkland County, AB to pastor the church. Erich was
called to lead the church and to leave his career of almost 24 years in law enforcement. Erich holds a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics from Liberty University and is passionate about following Jesus and teaching and equipping the body of Christ.